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Personalised Massage

Our personalised massage treatments offer a bespoke experience that is completely tailored to your individual needs. You are able to first select the massage oil you are most drawn to, whether you are looking for relaxation, stress relief or want to feel uplifted and reenergised from your massage. Your therapist will then discuss which areas you would like to be included in the massage and what pressure you would like. You can choose light, medium or deep pressure or choose our Personalised Deep Tissue massage for more targeted muscle treatment and rehabilitation.

Personalised Swedish Massage
30mins - £30
45mins - £40
60mins - £50
90mins - £70

Personalised Deep Tissue Massage
30mins - £35
45mins - £45
60mins - £55

90mins - £75

Lava Shell full body massage - 55mins - £60

Lava Shells massage is greatly enjoyable for anyone with tense muscles, as the heat from the Lava Shells will gently relax and smooth away knots. Heated tiger clam shells hold their heat throughout the treatment. 

Lava Shell massage can:

  • boost circulation of blood and lymph

  • soothe aches and pains

  • reduce swelling and water retention

  • relax you

Hopi Ear candles - 45mins - £28

Indian Head massage - 45mins - £30


One Hour Special

Choose two of the following treatments which will be combined within the hour for a discounted price 

- Decléor touch facial - Indian head massage - Back massage 

Hopi ear candles - Shellac toes - Naked manicure

Divine Escape Signature Treatment
90mins - £85

The enchanting, indulgent and enlightening Divine Escape Treatment, is a unique new concept in wellbeing products, treatments and experiences based on the 5 senses; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

A heavenly journey that blends incredible therapeutic aromas with powerful rejuvenating massage techniques from around the world. This unique massage is combined with the captivating vibrations of Koshi chimes, a soothing handmade lavender eye pillow to calm and a precious rose quartz crystal to restore inner harmony. 

A full body and Indian head massage which combines Ayurvedic massage techniques, reflexology and rebalancing the chakras.

You will finish your treatment with a deliciously infused herbal tea and your rose quartz stone to take home and use for your own meditation and reflection.

This signature treatment is designed to bring peace, calm and tranquillity and leave you with a sense of balance being restored.

The Serenity Journey

85mins - £70

Your journey begins with a welcome tea and our foot soak and soothe ritual. When you have selected your chosen oil you will enjoy a full body massage including face and scalp massage. A complete mind and body encounter that take you on a journey of the senses 


Body Detox Scrub + Body Boost Massage

55mins - £55

Starting with a full body brush and scrub with Pinks Boutique Lemongrass and Mandarin scrub to buff away all those dead skin cells and increase circulation to the skin to reveal fresher, brighter skin. We will then perform a lymphatic drainage massage all over the body to help break down toxins, reduce water retention and an abdominal massage to help with bloating and constipation. We end with a scalp and head massage as a relaxing way to end the treatment as the Lemongrass Balm melts into your skin.

A full detox for the body and mind.

Body Detox Scrub + Body Balm
45mins - £35

Full body dry brushing and exfoliation with Pinks Boutique Organic Salt scrub to buff away dead skin cells and toxins. We then apply a super nourishing Organic Body Balm to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. Perfect for an event, pre-holiday or applying fake tan products. 

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