Alumier MD was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. The medical skincare brand with it's luxurious treatments and products can address multiple skin concerns and deliver results progressively over time.

Alumier MD Initial Consultation + Treatment  - 60mins - £65

Ideal for anoyone brand new to Alumier MD or wanting an indepth consultation about their skin concerns. Following a discussion with your therapist, you will receive a bespoke Alumier MD peel and a prescription for homecare products as well as a take home kit which are perfect to use following the days of your first peel. (worth £15)

Alumier MD Stage 1 - Bronze Facial - 45mins - £50

Alumier MD Peel for those who have only just starting their peels or haven't had one for 6months or more. 
Glow, Detox, Radiant Peel or a combination will be carried out by the therapist following consultation to achieve the best results bespoke to your skin.

Alumier MD Stage 2 Silver Facial - 60mins - £60

Alumier MD Stage 2 - Silver Facial is for clients who have already had several peels and ready for the next step of multiple layers of peel treatment. 

Alumier MD Stage 3 Gold Facial - 70mins - £70

Alumier MD Stage 3 - Gold Facial for clients who have continuous Alumier Peels and ready for the next stage of treatment combining a pre treatment mask, peel process and finishing with LED light mask.

Alumier MD Express Facials - Non Peel

The express facials are a great introduction to Alumier MD and the perfect opportunity to discuss your skin concerns with a therapist.

Deep moisturising treatment - 25mins - £35

Refining clay treatment - 25mins - £35


Dermaplaning - 45mins - £60

Our dermaplaning treatment will begin with a discussion about any skin concerns you may have and a skin analysis by the therapist. Following a deep cleanse and preparation of the skin, a surgical blade is used to carefully remove the very top layers of dead skin cells to reveal brighter, fresher skin and also remove any 'peach fuzz' from the face. We then apply a deep moisturising treatment mask and the LED mask to rehydrate and calm the skin and to intensify the results of the treatment.

LED Light Mask

Individual mask session - 20mins - £25

Following a full cleanse of the skin we apply the LED light mask which can target controlling oil production of the skin, rejuvenation of new cells or minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines.

For optimal results to your facial you can add the mask to any facial, just ask your therapist when booking. - 15mins - £10