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The number of people reporting high levels of anxiety has sharply elevated during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We understand that these may be different stresses day-to-day or brought on by new or strange situations - we want you to know that we understand you, we won't ever judge you and we want you to feel as comfortable and welcome during your treatment with us.

We have created our new 'Don't Panic Policy' to support all those who suffer silently with the sometimes debilitating disorder of panic and anxiety attacks.

We have taken measures as a business throughout the MediSpa to ensure client comfortability and to make it a safe space for your treatments if you suffer with panic attacks.


Ways in which we can help you feel more comfortable include - 

  • Leaving the door open during your treatment to feel less claustrophobic

  • If you would like to pause your treatment at any time for a break, raise your hand or tell your therapist

  • For massage or any treatment you are partially undressed, we have robes available to cover up and take a break

  • Our 'quieter' days in the salon are Mondays and Wednesdays where there will be less noise, other clients and our full team of therapists in the building

  • If you have a preferred therapist that you feel comfortable with, just select that therapist on our booking system or ask when you make your booking - we won't be offended!

If there are any other ways in which we can help make your time with us more comfortable, please let us know and we will always try our best to be accommodating and supportive of your needs.


Our amazing resident nurse Harriet is a walk leader for the charity Mental Health Mates.
Mental Health Mates is a network of peer support groups, run by people with mental health issues, who meet regularly to walk and talk without fear or judgement. You do not have to have a diagnosed mental health issue to join the walks – everyone has mental health and we are here for everyone.

For more information click here

The charity have kindly provided us with a list of registered charities that may help if you are struggling and need help or support.

Always remember, you are not alone - Be kind to your mind. 


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