Super soft, absorbant, luxury cleansing pads.

1x Black cleansing pad

1x White cleansing pad

1x Machine washable washbag



-Kind, non abrasive cleansers, ideal for sensitive skin and daily beauty routines

- Thousands of tiny nano fibres on double sided, luxury cleansers 

-Silk bound edge and safe to use on lash extensions

-Use each pad up to 200 times and quick drying

-Eco friendly 

- Each cleanser has 3 layers of thousands of tiny nano fibres, perfect for sensitive skin and make up removal

-Soft Cotton texture, safe for daily use around the delicate eye area

-Removes daily build up, use with cleanser or simply warm water

-No more using harsh chemicals on skin

-Cleansers are ideal for heavy make up or even heavy clay mask removal

-Picks up 3 times the amount as disposable cotton pads in one go

-Circular cotton textures assist in skin cell renewal and light, daily exfoliating

-Saves buying cotton pads monthly

Luxury Reusable Cleansing Pads (x2)