Jasmine Eye Cream is Decléor's tinted eye care enriched with Caffeine and Pigments to correct dark circles, reduce the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines and prevent the ageing process.

Benefits: The eye contour is hydrated and smoother. Dark circles and eye puffiness are less visible. The appearance of wrinkles/fine lines is visibly reduced. The eye contour looks more luminous and uniform: it seems rested and younger.

Texture: Its fresh tinted texture is rapidly absorbed, leaving the eye contour smoother and luminous. The tint offers a universal shade that suits all complexions.

Active Ingredient: Jasmine Eye Cream combines the powerful absolute extract of Jasmine with Caffeine, Pigments, and Amaranth oil to smooth and illuminate the eye contour.

Application: Its 'cannula' dispenser enables a precise application: half a pea of eye cream between the fingertips to warm it up. Then apply the cream on the lower and upper parts of the eye contour.

Jasmine Eye Cream